I had a lot of fun writing this one. Palo Alto Networks is a company I’ve admired for a long time; it’s the world’s biggest standalone security company, has an arm in virtually every category of cyber, and is an active acquirer of dozens of pioneering startups. So I thought it…
Application security, automation, and AI-driven anti-phishing could spawn the next big security platform.
Tl;dr: unstructured streaming ETL, new hardware architectures, middleware to power LLM-based app developers, workflow execution, and generative content
Five metrics early-stage investors will focus on during your pitch.
...Might be Fly.io. Ditching free plans has made many consider alternatives to Heroku. We dive deep into which companies are best positioned to benefit.
Raising a Series A has gotten a lot harder. Here's how to tell your story and raise a stellar round of funding.
Assessing the viability of building a business selling to open source project maintainers
Automation is modularizing point products across functions and domains, becoming the vehicle for deploying decisioning ML in the enterprise and…
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